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Commercial Pressure Washing Services Clayton

Clean Pros is Clayton’s first choice for commercial pressure washing services.

Professional Commercial Washing in Clayton NC
Professional Commercial Washing in Clayton NC

Exterior Commercial Pressure Washing in Clayton, NC and the Triangle Areas.

Our trained team of experts are prepared to assist you with power washing or soft washing for your commercial building. We are located and service Clayton, North Carolina.

Professional Commercial Pressure Washing in Clayton from Clean Pros

We are the premier pressure washing company for: retail centers, public playgrounds, HOAs, schools and local government buildings, apartment complexes, outdoor seating areas at restaurants, oil removal in your drive-thru, graffiti and any other place you need something cleaned. We have the professional solutions to keep them all clean and sanitized using only the best in eco-friendly cleaning and sanitizing products.

When a customer visits your office or retail space, they expect it to look clean. Outdoor seating areas, store entrances, siewalks, parking lots and other common areas inevitably become soiled with various stains, dirt, gum, smells, germs and other filth over time from heavy foot traffic. We can also handle the exterior pressure washing requirements for public areas and retail strip centers on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis to help keep your property clean and maintained.

Professional Commercial Washing Company Clayton NC

Why House Washing Is Essential in Clayton.

  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Goverment Buildings
  • Grocery Stores
  • Auto Dealers
  • Auto Mechanic Shops
  • ...and more!


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Power Washing FAQs

Many factors come into play when thinking about how often to wash your home. Depending on the material as well as where you live, we recommend that you power wash your home twice a year. Certain cities require more frequent washings to keep your home clean. Keep your housing material healthy throughout the year.

We highly recommend power washing your home as well as your driveway prior to putting your home up for sale. By thoroughly washing the exterior of your home and spraying your driveway, your home looks drastically more appealing to home buyers. The small investment it costs to wash your home is worth it. The value helps improve the likelihood that you sell your home.

Soft washing is a type of pressure washing technique for sensitive materials to be washed without stripping or damaging the material. Perform this type by lowering the power of the pressure wash so it can be used on more sensitive materials. Soft washing removes residue, bacteria, algae, light staining, and other issues from a variety of different housing materials. In addition, it utilizes a biodegradable chemical to help remove biological issues such as mold and algae. Stress less because it does not damage the home or the surround environment.

Maintaining a clean and presentable building as well as walking area is important for business. It can leave a bad impression on customers if your business is dirty or covered with residue or algae. Washing your business improves the health of your building so you won’t have to spend as much on repairing the materials. We typically recommend that most businesses power wash their property a few times a year. After the spring pollen season is an ideal time.

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